Saturday, May 28, 2011


The people scream and slink away
I couldn't find my friend today
The Creature saw me in the hay
But I couldn't follow the needle's way


  1. Ooh. What's the Creature?
    What friend do you speak of?
    Why do people scream?

  2. A darkened foe we all do face
    The Beauty I seek in a secret place
    They fear my horrible evil race
    For me the people have nothing but hate

  3. And who is this girl(?)
    And may I ask, what is your
    race? Why do they hate?

  4. Beauty is her name, you see
    A monster am I and will always be
    The people fear a thing like me
    They don't understand the inner Beast

  5. What does she look like?
    Where is she? And you, what do
    you look like? Tell me.

  6. Simple beauty; is that not enough?
    But I know not her location or I'd be there in a huff
    A beast I am, can't you simply see?
    Man by day, and by night, something monstrous is me

  7. A werewolf of sorts
    are you... And how do you turn?
    Are you curs'd or bless'd?

  8. Cursed with a blessing, blessed with a curse
    It all means the same when I start to hurt
    But I turn into not a wolf when I let myself go
    You'd know if you'd see, though you would scream so

  9. Where/how does it hurt?
    I wonder, do you have cont-
    -rol over your change? Sigh.

    Are you still you, beast?
    Are you the same at night as
    during the bright day?

  10. It hurts all over, all the time
    It hurts my body and my mind
    I cannot choose when I must hurt
    I am forced to crawl in dirt

  11. That's fucking depres-
    -Sing! Can you not get better?
    Good luck in your search.